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Question: What is the correct Speed and feed for a compression spiral?

Answer: the speed and feed is dependent on the diameter of tool, board thickness and type of material. Please contact us for a recommendation for your requirement.


Question: What type of blade is best for cutting 16mm Particle board on a panel saw?

Answer: The best blade for this application is our Kanafusa 300mmx 30mm bore x 96 triple tooth. Code KBP691C706403J.


Question: How do I check how much rebate I have?

Answer: Login, go to My Account and then Account Management on the website.


Question: How many logins can you have for one account?

Answer: As many as you would like, you can also have a main user who can purchase or reject orders.


Question: What TPI do you recommend for cutting xyz?

Answer: Please see cutting chart below

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