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AusTech Saw & Tooling has over 25 years of experience in the sharpening and tooling industry. Formed from the amalgamation of several smaller saw shops, AusTech Saw & Tooling has brought together the experience and knowledge of multiple operators, pooling their resources to deliver clients an exceptional service and vast product range. Australian owned and operated, we are the largest privately-owned saw sharpeners in Australia offering a wide range of industrial supplies, making us your one stop shop.

We provide precision sharpening that maximises the life of your tools while delivering the sharpest cut, guaranteed! But we are not just tool sharpeners. We believe in good old-fashioned expertise, service, and advice. Our team of experienced industry experts are on hand to provide you with the technical support you need, advising you on the best tools and practices to achieve your desired result. Our extensive range of tooling and industrial supplies means whatever you need to get the job done, we are the shop for you.

AusTech Saw & Tooling stock only the best quality brands in the industry.  With over 50,000 products to choose from we are sure to have the tooling you need.  We have been supplying our customers with premium tooling for decades, if you are not sure what you need to do the job, we are here to help.


Glenn Morris

General Manager
Glenn has been with AusTech Saw & Tooling as a general manager for the past 13 years. He has a passion for business development and has strong leadership skills. In his spare time he likes to play golf and spend quality time with his family.


Andy Joined the AusTech Saw & Tooling team in 2020, he has been a leader in the industrial Operations for many years. He joins AusTech Saw & Tooling with extensive experience in refining systems, operational processes and getting the best results from his team. He manages a team with a combined 100 + years of experience in saw sharpening.

Ken Marotte

Account Manager
Ken has previously worked in the building industry and has been with AusTech Saw and Tooling for the past 7 years.  He has a keen interest in timber and specialises in CNC tooling.

Darren Quensier

Account Manager
Darren has a background in building and carpentry and has been with AusTech Saw & Tooling for the past 10 years.  He has a keen interest in the engineering sector and has a wealth of tooling knowledge.

Leon Kaizuka

Account Manager
Leon has previously worked in the commercial tooling sector and has come to AusTech Saw & Tooling with a wealth of knowledge.  He has been a part of the team for the past year and in his spare time is a football enthusiast.

Jason Fraser

Account Manager
Jason joined the AusTech Saw & Tooling team with 10 years of previous sales experience. In his spare time, 

John Aldridge

Customer Service Manager
John has been with us AusTech Saw & Tooling for over 18 months and has come from a print media background.  He has extensive experience in customer service and sales and in the past has spent his spare time coaching AFL football.

Julie Chase

Pick up and delivery rep
Julie has been a part of the AusTech Saw & Tooling team for the past 12 years as a pick up and delivery representative.  Julie is an animal lover and enjoys socialising and going to the beach in her spare time.

Paul Blinco

Pick up and delivery rep
Paul has been a part of the AusTech Saw & Tooling team for the past 6 months.  He has spent his working career driving trucks so is well accustomed to being out on the road.  In his spare time he enjoys watching motorsports.

Rick Edwards

Pick up and Delivery Rep
Rick Joined AusTech Saw & Tooling in 2019
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