• PFERD's CC GRIND STRONG is transforming the way workers grind metal.

PFERD's CC GRIND STRONG is transforming the way workers grind metal.

PFERD's CC GRIND STRONG is transforming the way workers grind metal.

Grinding metal has changed with PFERD's innovative NEW grinding wheel the CC GRIND STRONG. A wheel designed for use with a 125mm (5") angle grinders, either powered or cordless. A truly unique high performance grinding wheel. PFERD's CC GRIND STRONG is transforming the way workers grind metal. A wheel that's moved away from the classic grinding disc to a modern high-performance alternative.


Up close the CC GRIND STRONG disc looks quite different. You immediately notice the three layers and backing pad are stacked together making for a very unique looking wheel. The disc feels light in your hands and comfortable to handle. Incredibly all three layers are designed for grinding including the backing pad. When grinding this wheel provide consistent performance and a high level of stock removal as you work through each layer. The ceramic grain used in each layer provides a self-sharpening structure for longer-lasting performance and stock removal.

One of the first things you notice, when using the CC GRIND STRONG, is the low noise and improved feel you get when grinding metal. A classic style of resin bonded grinding wheels is very noisy in comparison and vibrates much more through the angle grinder. This three-layer disc definitely makes grinding so much more enjoyable. The grinding results are impressive with faster stock removal and a better overall finish. Giving you fewer wheel changes and potentially fewer processes to get the same job done. PFERD has taken grinding to another level with the CC Grind STRONG disc. The perfect wheel for any workshop or tradesperson. Safer to use, less noise, less dust, less vibration and much more stock removal.

Quick Benefits - CC GRIND STRONG

- Faster stock/metal removal
- Longer lasting - double the service life versus other leading ceramic grinding wheels
- 3 layers of the ceramic abrasive can be worked through one by one, increasing performance
- 50% less noise & vibration versus standard grinding wheels
- 70% less dust
- A superior surface finish compared to standard gringind wheels

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